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Info 5 Stars acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute facts of everything posted. Postings may contain fact, speculation or rumor.

The images (pics) that we publish in the Info 5 stars were found in the Web. We believed these images belong to the public domain (Free of Copyright).

Some postings and images are send via email by friends, so we cannot verify the facts or copyrights.

If any "stories" or images that appear on the Info 5 stars are in violation of copyright law, please email (ruyblog at gmail dot com) and we will remove "the offending information" as soon as possible.

The softwares (freewares) listed on the Info 5 Stars website/blog is provided AS IS and the WebAuthor(s) of the Info 5 Stars makes NO WARRANTY or representation either express or implied with respect to any listed freeware, its quality accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose.

Info 5 Stars is a software-freeware listing service and “software library”.
It does not produce its own software. Like any library it does not enter into copyright disputes between authors publishers and copyright holders. It is up to the legal owner to pursue copyright infringements directly with a program’s author and/or publisher.
Info 5 Stars
assumes that ALL copyright issues are resolved (even when told otherwise) and that program authors have full permission to use the characters, concepts and ideas presented in their programs. Program authors and publishers can request that Info5Stars remove any listed program and this will be carried out as soon as possible.
A program will also be removed if Info5Stars receives notification from a duly recognized Officer of the Court pertaining to a legal ruling which would prevent that program from being listed.
However RESPONSIBILITY and LEGAL LIABILITY in the area of copyright rests solely with the program author and/or publisher and not with Info5Stars or its WebAuthor(s), staff or agents.

To the best of our knowledge ALL listed programs were completely free for non-commercial use when first listed and we encourage users and program authors to report any instances where this might not now be the case. Users are reminded that some software authors change their program’s status from freeware to shareware after it becomes popular, as is their right.

The WebAuthor(s), staff and agents of the Info 5 Stars site recognize the trademarks company names and program titles as being the property of the relative companies program authors or copyright holders and their use on this site is not intended to infringe on those rights.


  • We request that users consult directly with program authors if they have a problem with a particular program. We have neither the resources nor the time to try and sort out individual problems. By liaising directly with the program authors you will be helping them to keep their programs up-to-date and bug-free.
  • For contact Info 5 Stars, you have on the top of our site/blog: ( http://info5stars.blogspot.com/ ) Cbox-messages-contact or our email in ABOUT US.
  • In Info 5 Stars everything is free, legal, no copyrights infringements. Some pictures and ideas are send by friends, users/visitors of Info 5 Stars. If something is ilegal, please contact us.
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  • You must read our Policy Privacy too.

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